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Catered Local Style Foods

Families in Hawaii are well known for large get togethers and having food catered is always a good idea. Whether it is a special event such as a graduation, wedding or beach party, we can cater it. The Hawaii catering services we offer can satisfy your guests and save you a lot of time because we all know that trying to cook food for a large number of people can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Rather than go through that hassle of cooking, let us prepare the party food for you.

The local style foods we cater are prepared by hand in our Honolulu kitchen. Our selection of catering items includes Hawaii favorites like Barbecue Spare Ribs, Chow Fun, Charsiu Pork, Fried Rice, Garlic Chicken and many more. For a full list of catered foods click here.

So when you are planning your next Hawaii party or special event be sure to contact us first for all of your catering needs. All you need to do is call in your order, schedule a pick up time and stop by before your event. The preparation time for the catering foods is 1-2 days depending on your choices. We are conveniently located in Honolulu, Hawaii and have ample parking for you to stop by and pick up your food.

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